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Hello there, my name is Somroth Rong.

I am a portrait photographer located in Elanora, South of Gold Coast. I photograph in the Gold Coast area and up to Brisbane CBD.

Born in France, I moved to Australia with my wife in 2010. I decided to take my passion in photography to a professional level when my son was born and pursue my passion in portraiture after more than a decade as an IT Engineer for financial institutions.

When I started, I was amazed by the amount of people telling me that they “hate having their portrait taken…” or without even starting taking pictures I hear “I will look terrible, but don’t worry it won’t be your fault! it’s just me”, “no-one has been able to take a good portrait of me”; and the list could go on and on… By the time we finish a session, people are ALWAYS thankful and tell me “you are a wizard, I look so beautiful”, “Amazing, I love them sooo much”. The satisfaction I get when able to make my clients happy and make them feel amazing about who they are, is priceless! I never expected this and I am truly grateful as I am just doing what I love.

Overtime, I realised that creating a portrait is first and foremost creating a relationship with you. Connecting with one another is probably the most important part to guaranty a successful photosession. I naturally spend a lot of time connecting with you and let you understand that despite all the fancy lighting setup, which I understand can be intimidating, there isn’t any reason to be stressed or uncomfortable. I also understand that stepping into a new unknown space, meeting someone for the first time, being in front of a camera, and being litteraly under the spot light doesn’t ease the whole process. All of that can be summarised into one feeling: fear of the unknown.

“I may be shooting their head, but I’m aiming for their heart”

- Peter Hurley

Most of my clients come with a lot of expectations, doubts and fears. My best remedy to dissipate all of your questions is very simple: you will get to know me and get to know that this space is safe and no-one is judging you.
I like to describe my session to be 80% relationship, and the remaining percentage is actual shooting. We’ll spend time to talk about any questions you may have, build your portrait with me as you’ll get to see in real time your portrait. We will comment it together, criticize it together and work until we have the result you deserve (I have no time limit so we can take our time crafting your portrait). By the end of my session, you know exactly what you’ll get as we would have spent time and passion to carefully select the best portrait that represents you! No surprises when you leave.

I’m truly passionate about what I do, and I will definitely outperform through hard work and dedication!

Explore my website to see more of my work and feel free to be in touch to organize your next photo session.

– I will go the extra mile for you! –

“Hard work outwork talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

- Tim Tadder

Key Achievement

Published at the 2019 Venice Biennale Exhibition

Memorable Portraits hosted at the antique historical gem – Pallezo Ca’ Zanardi, run by the Itsliquid group.